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Avoid choosing the wrong contractor to repair or replace your roof!

When your roof needs replaced there are a few things you need to know about your contractor:

  1. Are they a local contractor licensed in your city/state?  Too many times work must be stopped by authorities in the middle of a project because the contractor hired isn’t properly licensed, insured, and bonded.
  2. Do they have local refences? Your contractor should have many local customers (older and recent) that will vouge for their work.
  3. Do they offer a quality product with a solid factory warranty? Your contractor should know the products they install inside and out and those products should have a strong reputation as well.

Your home could very well be your largest investment. Don’t make a snap decision just because someone knocked on your door. Here at Overton Contracting, we are confident whether we are the first or the fifth contractor you talk to about your roof, we will be able to earn your business and work directly with your insurance company to get all of the necessary repairs made on your home that you deserve!

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Insurance covering your roof?

What you should or shouldn't do when insurance pays for your roof?

In today’s market there are many different types of insurance policies. What you need to know about yours:
  1.  Do you have replacement cost or actual cash value?
  2. How long do you have replacement cost? Is there a time frame?
  3. Is cosmetic damage covered on your policy?

The last thing you need to know, and this is a big one, is that your roofing company CANNOT simply waive your deductible. When they say they are “waiving your deductible”, what they are actually saying is that they are going to invoice the full amount to your insurance company for the roof but, then not collect the deductible portion from you, the homeowner. All insurance contracts REQUIRE a deductible be paid first, before the insurance company pays anything. Basically, the roofing contractor is having YOU break your contract with your insurance carrier. Does that sound like a reputable contractor to you? If you choose Overton Contracting for your roof repair or replacement, you can be sure we will never ask you to do anything that would jeopardize you or your relationship with our insurance company. You will not be asked to pay more than your deductible at the end of any job either. No last minute surprise adjustments or up charges.  We work directly with your insurance company on your behalf and make sure they pay for everything your policy requires. You can always count on quality products and great customer service at Overton Contracting.



Your roof, siding and gutters are essential for protecting you from the elements. That’s why you should turn to a trustworthy roofing company when you need exterior services. Overton Contracting LLC will complete your property upgrades in or around Kansas City, MO with unmatched skill.

Our roofing contractors have over 16 years of combined experience. We also have experience working in the insurance industry, so handling the claim with your insurance company will be a breeze. Let us work directly with your insurance company to save you the headache of playing middleman. 


We can help transform your home back into the home of your dreams! Improve curb appeal with an increased value. From full replacemnt, renovations or  repairs we have got you covered. 

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Roof Replacement

Overton Contracting can handle any exterior project. Whether you have hail damage or just a warn out old roof we can take care of you here at Overton Contracting. 

Speak with a roofing contractor today to let us know how we can help you.
Keep your home protected

GETTING A look to your house COULDN'T BE EASIER

Siding installations

Seamless Gutter Installation

You can count on us to make fixing, replacing or installing your roof, siding or gutters super simple. We create pleasant customer experiences by:

Keeping clients updated on their project
Working directly with insurance adjusters
Checking roofs, windows, gutters and siding for damage
Discussing ventilation, decking and underlayment improvement options with clients
You’re sure to enjoy working with our helpful local roofing company. Get in touch with us now to take the first step toward upgrading your exterior.
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Brock Overton

Born and Raised in Kansas City Area. Started in construction in 2019, while working his way through college. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from UMKC, he branched out on his own and started his own company.  Before starting Overton Contracting, he worked for the Kansas City Royals on the grounds crew and American Family Insurance. At American Family he was a sales rep that sold homeowners policies. He is an expert in reading and decoding all insurance paperwork, being able to help every homeowner understand their policy before any work is started.  Please ask on how he can help you start your journey in upgrading your home now! Currently involved in his local church and married in 2023. Some of his hobbies include hanging out with family, shooting, and playing slow pitch softball.


Rely on Overton Contracting for your property improvements. Call today to schedule an inspection for either a replacement or repair.